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Ice Marine Consultants Pty. Ltd.
Captain Ewald Brune
Expert for the Polar Areas

Ice Marine Consultants was founded in March 1986 by Captain Ewald Brune with the object of supplying Polar experienced personnel and consulting to the increasing number of enterprises operating in the Polar Maritime regions.

Experience has been achieved through 88 voyages or 25 years of Polar Maritime activities in all regions of Antarctica, the Baltic, the Greenland Sea, and the entire MERICAN AND Canadian Arctic.

Since Foundation IMC has has been ivolved in a number of substantial projects e.g.

Studies for the Australian Government, State of Tasmania

Successful completition of a project for the transportation of 11,000 tons of steel pipes from Japan to Prudhoe Bay in July 1986
Contracted modification and marketing of various highly iceclassed vessels.
Advisor for P & O, Australia,
Planning, Design and Supervision of first Australian Icebreaker and Research Vessel ‘Aurora Australis
Training of Nautical Officers and Captains in Ice Seamanship and Ice Navigation for: AustraliaNetherlands USA People’s Republic of China
Germany Italy Espania Russia
Lecturer at the University of Tasmania, IASOS (The Institute of International Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies), Hobart, Australia
Lecturer at the AMC (Australian Maritime College), Launceston, Tasmania
Advisor for the Government of Pakistan for their two Antarctic Expeditions
Consultant for the German Environmental Office (Umwelt-Bundesamt)
Complete set of all available Antarctic and Arctic sea charts and hydrographiccharts plus a more or less all books and articles written about Antarctica. Self made charts from not surveyed areas in Antarctica